An Unbiased View of Near Death Experiences

An Unbiased View of Near Death Experiences

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Death is the universal truth for life. Therefore, the thinking of near death experiences is very common for everyone, especially for the older people. It is a psychosomatic reality. What people actually think before death and what are their experiences really is always a much more discussing topic at different times.

Typically, near death experiences is a personal experience that is connected to his upcoming death, comprising and consisting of various possible sensations including to separation of the body. It also includes the feelings of levity, a sense of being dead, warmth, security etc. A sense of painlessness, peace, and some positive emotions grow in individuals mind. He thinks he is removing himself from the world. He perceives his body from an external position. The individual also experiences himself in a tunnel just like moving up, through or passageway. It includes an intense sensation of unconditional love. A feeling of entering into darkness also happens in his mind.

A strong belief of the culture, knowledge about his life and about the whole universe aggregates in a dyeing brain. It has been noticed that, a person atheist in his early life, also thinks about the god. All the above phenomena happen to the person who is almost near to death or pronounced clinically dead, but he still remains alive inside. This condition is life threatening. It is very difficult to come back by overcoming this stage.

Various medical journals and magazines have noted this situation as a characteristic of "hallucinations". Some other scientist, religious believers and parapsychologists have described this condition as the "afterlife" thinking of individual and dualism of body and brain. Near death experience is not really the imaginary expression of memory rather it is the different feeling of brain when people become close to death.

Some individuals expressed near death experiences as an "Out of body" vision or "flashes of recollection" from the past. Somebody said it was his or her whole life reviews. In addition, this situation occurs exactly after a person loses his consciousness.

Numerous research has been done on near death experiences. Almost all the study has shown nearly some result. Life is really mysterious. On a moment someone is alive, later he is dead just when his hearts stop breathing. Our life is just like a light. It goes whenever we turn off the switch. According to the doctors, a person remains alive after clinical death. His brain and mind remains dead and inactive. This situation is called unconsciousness. It actually takes time for completing total death process. Individual gains near death experiences at just this moment

The near death experience can be said go here as the final destination of a conscious brain. After entering into this condition, individual gradually forgets his previous life. He enters into a new world leaving his past world. A glimpse of happiness grows inside him. He feels a strong passion to be reunited with whom he had lost for their death in the past. The person receives a life preview, a strong feeling of love, a passionate desire to welcome his new destiny.

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